<3 from Aotearoa [New Zealand] . Kiwi .

It's all about the 'ying & yang' (balance).

Tribute to my fallen $oldier$.
"Kneel and Ki$$ the RING$, All hail The KING$, Long live DENO & WILL', Put that on EVERYTHING." - In Loving Memory of,
Izak Rennie "DENO" Wikaira Millanta [ 19/06/95 - 12/08/12] & William Hohepa Bould [16/04/94 - 13/08/13]. Tragically taken from u$. $o much to live for. May you remain forever in our heart$ Brother'$, We mi$$ and think about you both everyday. Gone but never forgotten. Now you're free, and I know we'll $ee you both one day $oon. $tay Ble$$ed. Re$t in Peace - True King Millanta. <3 . True King Bould <3 .

Before we find 'world peace', we have got to find a way to $top the war on the $treet$.